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Ages 9 - 14
"Building the Foundation"

Ages 15 - pro
"Building the Beast"



Mike Kozak - CSCS
Reggie Germany - Trainer/FB Skills
Deon Rose - Asst. Trainer
Vic Elmurr
Ted Jennings - Asst. Trainer
Michael Parritt - Cond. Coach


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Starting June 1st

Pure Form Basketball
Mintonette Volleyball Club

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strives to provide the highest level of instruction and effective strength and conditioning methods to athletes and adults of all ages. Whether you are an elite level athlete or beginner level soccer player, weekend warrior or fitness enthusiast, SOAR guarantees that you will achieve you full potential.


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FOOTBALL TRAINING  Soar offers comprehensive strength and conditioning programs for all levels of football players. If you have to lift at school, we will help your lifting technique and design a program that complements your existing one. We also offer combine specific training as well as football specific conditioning. Stop conditioning like it is 1980 and get to Soar!

BASKETBALL TRAINING If there is one athlete that needs to get in the weight room more, it is the basketball player. Everyone wants to dunk, but very few ballers spend near enough time in the weight room. Even if you play AAU all summer and spring, there is time to at least lift. Also, our basketball specific speed concepts will have you locking down your opponents!

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Lacrosse is sport that is growing by leaps and bounds in Central Ohio. Speed, agility, power, strength and conditioning are all qualities of a great lacrosse player. Like our programs for all other sports, we take your lacrosse practice schedule into consideration and design the best program for you.

Baseball/Softball are true power sports. You hit and throw hard and run fast. Whether you are a pitcher, catcher or position player, Soar has the best program for you. We also use a variety of training methods to strengthen the core and shoulder.

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Soccer is a sport that requires conditioning as well as speed, agility and power. Most of the soccer players we see come to us in great condition, but lack strength and power. Our programs for soccer players take your soccer schedule into consideration so the most effective program is designed for you to avoid overtraining.

Our volleyball clientele is growing by the day. As much jumping as the sport requires, proper strength and power training is a necessity to not only increase vertical jump but to reduce the risk of injury to the knee and hip. Our speed and agility concepts for volleyball focus on reaction and foot quickness.


We design a program for you depending on your fight/wrestling training regimen. Traditional lifts, sled training, core work, conditioning circuits and plyometrics are all used in a manner that best suites your needs as a fighter.


Individual Sports
Whether it is track and field, tennis or golf, Soar will design the best program for your individual needs.


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