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Adults (General Fitness)
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At Soar, we have the ability to provide the general fitness client with a service that best fits their individual needs.

Perhaps you are a person who really needs 1 on 1 attention - We certainly
can provide that service at various times throughout the day.
One of our
coaches will personally design a program for you and will be with you every step of the way.

Maybe you want the benefits of personal training but are looking for more of
a cost effective fee structure
- Our group classes in the mornings and evenings involve individualized programming in a group setting.

Regardless of what service you choose, we guarantee that we will fit the program to you. All of our personal and group training services begin with a full assessment that dictates the best route for us to take you. Squats hurt your knees?

We will either find a way to get them to feel better or we will give you something else to do that does not cause pain.

Life long fitness is supposed to be an enjoyable process that builds confidence and improve your quality of life. It is not supposed to be something that makes you feel miserable for days. Please believe that we are going to challenge you, but the challenge is going to be different per person and will be progressed as your attendance increases.

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, return to activity or just improving aerobic capacity, the coaches at Soar are here to help you.

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