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What separates Soar of Columbus from other training companies?

1. We specialize in improving the performance of the beginner athlete.

Even though we are qualified and capable of training the elite level athlete, we have helped many kids who have been cut from teams or are used to “sitting the bench”. This is because we are teachers by nature and understand the needs of the pre-adolescent athlete and early adolescent athlete. We have studied human movement for years and are proficient in identifying errors and correcting them. Combining patience with motivation, we use expert teaching techniques to create a positive learning atmosphere for all levels of athletes.

2. We blend a variety of training protocols to create the most comprehensive program around.

This is why are clients continue to come back. We are always searching for new ways to improve our training programs and are never satisfied that we are providing the best service possible. There is no single training method that will bring about all around results. That is why we expose our athletes and clients to as many different training stimuli as possible. In a training program with us, you will be exposed to foot quickness training, vertical leap training, sprint training, strongman training, traditional strength training, Olympic weight lifting, core and stability training and injury reduction/physical therapy exercises. Variance in exercises “shocks” the body to maximize results and keeps workouts fresh.

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