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Youth Athlete Training (Ages 9 – 14)
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mbpower.JPG (1350121 bytes) If you build a state of the art home on a weak foundation, the long term consequences will be disastrous. The same thing goes for the training of youth athletes. A sound foundation of speed, agility and strength technique must be developed at a young age prior to participation in high intensity strength and conditioning. The result of an improperly designed youth program will be knee pain, overtraining, and possible burnout from sport and exercise all together.

TallKnMB.JPG (1889255 bytes) At SOAR, the goal of our youth athlete program is very simple - Establish a sound base of strength and speed techniques in the long term – not in a 6 – 8 week period like a lot of popular “speed and agility camps”. We combine expert teaching with functional drills and exercises to ensure the young athlete is always set up to succeed in our program. Results will show on the field or court, but more importantly, youth athletes in our program will gain the tools necessary to succeed later in their athletic life.

splitsquat.JPG (1887739 bytes) 9 - 11 year olds workout in a smaller gropup, 45 minute class structure designed specifically for their needs a beginner athletes. This ensures that all will experience success instead of being "thrown into the fire" with older athletes. 12 - 14 year olds train in regular group structure and are progressed appropriately depending on their physical readiness.

SOAR ‘s Youth Training Concepts

-Learning a Proper warm – up for sport and exercise
-Improving coordination and motor patterns
-Improving linear speed technique – and learning how to decelerate that new found speed
- Developing the ability to change direction efficiently - agility
-Proper Jumping and landing technique
-Age appropriate total body strength training
-Improving flexibility and mobility 


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