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Is your team decimated by injury?
Are your players lacking explosiveness?
Does it seem like your team just needs to get stronger? 

SOAR Team Strength is a step by step process of implementing our strength and conditioning system into a school team's program.

The STS Process includes:
- Clinics for coaches to learn how to teach the lifts and implement the system
- An initial assessment session to group athletes by training age and identify weaknesses
- New professionally designed programs each month
- Coaches' access to a comprehensive online video library of exercises
- Periodic check ins from Soar coaches will ensure the system is being executed correctly

Benefits of STS:
- A proper progression of exercises will allow for strength and power increases for the entire team
- Installing a daily mobility warm-up and increasing discipline with lifting technique will reduce nagging off-season injuries
- The comprehensive year round plan will reduce injuries on the court and field
- Proper use of speed training and conditioning will have athletes in peak condition for the regular season

For more information about SOAR Team Strength,
contact Mike Kozak at 614-306-9364

Coach Michael Parritt

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