Pricing & Hours

30 minute individual assessment - $50 unless buying a package

Cost per session is $23-35

Dependent on length of commitment,
and consistency of attendance each week.
If you have a consistent ongoing schedule,
the cost per session is less.
If you require a lot of flexibility,
the cost is more. Call Mike at
(614) 306-9364 to discuss.

2x per week recommended
Speed and Strength Training Session
60-90 minutes
All sessions geared to the needs of the individual

*Inquire about discount for families with 2 or more members training at least 2x per week

Athlete Training Times

Click here for Adult Training Times

Ages 11+ 

Classes are 1hr long and start at the times listed below

Monday - Thursday

2:30p, 3:00p, 3:30p
4:00p, 4:30p, 5:00p
5:30p, 6:30p, 7:00p


2:30p, 3:00p, 3:30p


9:00a, 9:30a, 10:00a
10:30a, 11:00a

Assessment Times

Mon - Thu 6:00p
Saturday 11:00a

*Class times may be
added and subtracted
as necessary
**Class times will be
added during Summer

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