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Sport Specific Training
(Ages 15 – Pro level)

There comes a time in a high school athlete’s life when they decide to pursue one or two sports very seriously. Along with developing skills specific to those sports, there is a need to prepare the body for the demands of the sport. This is where our sport specific programs come into effect. The best time to begin a completely comprehensive training program is when the athlete is in an off-season and has very few obligations other than family, friends and academics.

In addition to high school athlete training, Mike has prepared numerous athletes for NFL combines and pro days as well as various college sport seasons. All programs are customized to the individual with the physical demands of the sport or event as the focal point. When you are preparing for the elite level, expert coaching and attention to detail in programming is a necessity - and that is what SOAR promises to provide.

Our sport specific programs for advanced athletes require 3-5 days per week of training. A typical training week will consist of warm-ups, linear speed training, multi-directional training, specific conditioning, periodized strength programs, plyometric training and a high amount of flexibility and core training. All programs are designed and taught by one of our strength and conditioning coaches. Each program works in phases to ensure that the athlete is in peak condition for the start of their season. Nutritional guidance and supplementation is also involved for athletes who are in need of it.

Soar Fitness only accepts dedicated athletes who are willing to train at the highest intensity possible, respond to coaching and make the commitment to show up consistently to complete their programs. We train like smart warriors meaning that it will be a grueling process but we will also never let you over-train or do something that will be a detriment to your well-being.

Some make excuses. Some make it happen. Which one are you?

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