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The Difference

What is The Difference?

The focus of Soar’s program has always been individualizing the training process in a group setting. Each athlete’s body and mental make- up is different and as a result, the program must be adaptable in order to increase performance results and decrease the cost of training on the body.

The Difference is a collaboration between Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Mike Kozak and Doctor of Physical Therapy Stephen Laflamme to provide the most individualized performance training in the Columbus area. These two movement professionals use orthopedic and performance testing, as well as video analysis, to create specific, individualized training programs to maximize performance in the athletic arena.

What services are included?

Each phase of the athlete’s training program is created based on the results of an athlete’s movement and performance testing. Below is a summary of the services provided during each phase of the training program.

1. Orthopedic Movement Evaluation: The athlete first completes an orthopedic movement evaluation with Stephen Laflamme, DPT. This orthopedic evaluation helps to determine the athlete’s movement capabilities and limitations. Based on the results of the orthopedic examination and the athlete’s goals, two to three “corrective exercises” are prescribed to improve upon the athlete’s current movement limitations.

2. Performance Testing and Video Analysis: The athlete completes a battery of performance tests specific to their sporting activity with Mike Kozak, CSCS. These testing measures commonly include vertical jump performance, running speed, and change of direction activities. The quantitative and qualitative aspects of the athlete’s performance are recorded for further analysis. Speed and Jump training concepts from Coach Adarian Barr and are used to analyze the athlete’s movement and make positive changes to the synchronization of running and jumping.

3. Collaboration and Program Design: Following the athlete’s performance and orthopedic testing, Mike Kozak and Stephen Laflamme collaborate to compare and contrast the results of the orthopedic and performance testing to determine optimal exercise prescription.

4. Program Execution: The training program is executed under the direct supervision of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Mike Kozak. The training program is completed in a semi-private atmosphere. This semi-private atmosphere maximizes individualized instruction, while also working to harness the benefits of competition and comradery developed in a small group setting.

5. Continued Objective Testing/Measurement: At the conclusion of each training phase, typically every 4-6 weeks, further orthopedic and performance testing, as well as video analysis is performed. The test measures collected specifically indicate athlete progress, and dictate the development of the subsequent training phase. Regular performance and orthopedic testing eliminates the guesswork of program design, and ensures optimal progression and progress for the athlete.

What Can I Expect?

Utilizing comprehensive orthopedic and performance testing allows each phase of every training program to be specific to the athlete’s needs and goals. This type of specificity decreases the likelihood of injury, and increases the rate of progress towards performance enhancement. While hard work and dedication are required for optimal results, The Difference applies the mantra of “working smarter, not harder” to keep athletes healthy and performing optimally.

How Do I Sign Up?

Please contact Mike Kozak at for any questions about The Difference. We respond quickly to all queries and look forward to assisting you toward your performance goals!


"My son, Simon, spent close to 9 months in a full back brace, due to a sports related fracture in his lower back. Upon receiving a clean bill of health from the orthopedic, Simon received minimal physical therapy from a sports medicine facility and was deemed physically fit to return to full sports activity. As a mother, and former athlete, I was very apprehensive about this prognosis and turned to someone I knew I could trust both professionally and maternally. Mike Kozak is known throughout Central Ohio for his well developed and highly diversified strength and conditioning athletic program. I knew I could trust Mike. Mike referred me to Stephen Laflamme of Axiom Therapy and Performance, an athletic physical trainer. Before Stephen would even work with my son he wanted a copy of his medical file. At the first appointed I could tell that Stephen had taken the time to read all 120 pages because he knew exactly what physical therapy plan to implement to strengthen Simon’s back, core, and legs. Between Mike and Stephen, Simon is back on the basketball court and out performing his teammates and opponents in both agility and strength."

~Sincerely, Jamie Bouscher

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